7 Blocks course has taken the shackles from my eyes

 13th May 2018

From our feedback form

7 Building Blocks of Photography 27 Building Blocks of Photography has ...

Made me think things through.

What are the differences before 7 Blocks & after?

The whole course has made me think about my photos a lot more before pressing the button. For example being much more aware of the light and how it changes possibly minute by minute. It is going to take me a lot longer to digest all of the information but I will get there in the end, and to think like a photographer.

The 7 blocks is worth...?

Priceless if you want to massivley improve as a photographer.

Would you recommend The 7 building Blocks of Photography?

Yes because it will if you work at it make your hobby/profession much more enriching and rewarding.

Tell us about your achievements & how you felt:

My main achievement is in my head as shackles have been taken off of my eyes and made me far more aware of what I am doing.

Anything else you'd like to say?:

A very BIG thank you to Mike and the team and a special thank you to Becky for standing so patiently in the obvious cold!

David Brown