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Wedding Photography eBook

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Wedding Photography eCourse for anyone into photographing weddings

For a living, extra cash or for a friend ...

There's no second chance if you mess up someone's wedding photography. It's one of the most important days in someone's life - so you've got to get it right first time.

Whether you're doing it for a friend or you fancy a career change - there are 18,000 weddings a year in the UK - but if you don't have great technique and people skills - it'll be hard work at best!

I've been photographing weddings all over the UK since 1993 and I promise you it needn't be - when you know what you're doing it's amazingly exciting, fulfilling and creative.

For friends or for business - complete our wedding photography course and you'll have clients who'll rave about you  - and amazing pictures that'll sell like crazy too.

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To photograph a wedding you need three things
camera skills - people skills - and how to manage people


Kevin Wilson UK President Master Photographers Association 2001-2002These digital photography courses cover everything you'll need to know and are completely un-putdownable. I only wish they'd been available when I started!

Kevin Wilson
(UK President Master Photographers Association 2001-2002)

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wedding-photography-courseWedding Photography Exposed

The photographic techniques in Wedding Photography Exposed will give you all you need to create beautiful emotive pictures which go way beyond the expectations of the couple.

There are hundreds of photos from real life weddings for you to copy or re-create in your own way.

We'll show you how to gain the Bride and Groom's complete confidence from the moment you meet, through the wedding photography and onto designing them £1000 wedding albums.


No-one goes to a wedding to have their photo taken - they go to celebrate.

Each section has it's own 'Humanities' section where we explain exactly what you need to be doing at that time to make everyone love having you around and be on your side.

Put this into practice and you'll build a powerful rapport with the wedding couple (and their guests) which will make them dream clients - and you the perfect wedding photographer whom they'll be delighted to recommend!


Complete our Wedding Photography Course and you'll

  • attract the clients you want to work with
  • understand exactly how a wedding works
  • be able to help the couple plan the day to your advantage
  • know how much to charge
  • know what equipment you need and why
  • know which shots to take and when to take them
  • be able to get physically close but be inconspicuous when shooting candid pictures
  • be able to find great light - always
  • shoot with flash and still have great light
  • be an expert with weather
  • be confident and in control when organising people
  • be able to put even the most nervous of brides at ease
  • get recommendations - the best form of free advertising

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