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Beginners Video

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Digital Photography Exposed - The Movie

Digital Photography Exposed - the movie is a beginners guide designed to get new photographers going fast. Simple step by step tutorials show you everything you need to get started with...

  • Equipment - you need less than you think
  • Shutter, aperture and exposure made simple
  • Blurry (or sharp) backgrounds
  • Blurring and freezing movement
  • Manual mode made easy
  • Understanding lenses = truly amazing images
  • Getting pin sharp pictures every time
  • Simple tips for composing eye catching images
  • How to find the perfect lighting for every subject

Solving real life problems faced by real life photographers - in real life situations.

  • Over 70 minutes of unique content
  • Section by section guidance
  • Jargon free everyday language


pete bargh-1Mike and Jayne are the dynamic duo of photography tutorials. Mike delivers a superbly presented selection of tips and techniques to help you grasp the basics of photography without feeling patronised. You can't fail to learn with this.

Peter Bargh
(photographer and founder Ephotozine.co.uk)



chris-packhamMike makes the complexities of photography easy to understand with his enthusiastic and fun style of teaching - I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Chris Packham
(wildlife photographer and TV presenter)

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To ensure our tutorials are relevant to the real world we chose the kind of location people go to with their camera, the seaside. We show and explain each of these images and many more, what I was doing, why I did it and the camera settings used to do it.

images from the DVD

Buy this course if...

  • You're stuck in 'Auto' mode
  • You're not getting the results you hoped for
  • You often get great pics - but you're not sure how

Who's this course for?

Beginners and photographers who want to start taking control of their photography - instead of hoping the camera will get a 'good one'.

You're an intermediate / advanced photographer? - Your next step is The 7 Building Blocks of Photography


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