Zurich, Switzerland - Weekend Workshop

Saturday 15th - 16th April 2023

Price: £595 - 10 max (This workshop has now been confirmed - 3 places available)

Join award winning photographer and mentor Mike Browne for this Photography Weekend Workshop.

Day 1 is at a beautiful lake side in Pfäffikon (ZH) with mountains, boats and wooden docks. 

Day 2 is an all day photo-walk and mentoring session in Zurich which coincides with the Sechseläuten Children's parade, making it a great opportunity for street / people photography.

Who's it for?

Zurich-22The Zurich, Switzerland Photo Weekend Workshop is about creative thinking as a photographer and is for all levels of experience.

Beginners will need a basic knowledge of their camera and it's controls before the workshop because we won't be spending time explaining camera controls and menus. I have some free video tutorials for you to learn this before you come.

More advanced photographers will find the creative exercises challenging, group discussions enlightening and the locations interesting to shoot.


Accommodation is not included because everyone will have their own needs so it's better for you to choose whatever works best for you. Some bring their family for a holiday whist they do photography with me, so they might want an apartment. Others prefer a nice hotel, others just want somewhere clean to wash and sleep.

Here's a list of Places to Stay in both Pfäffikon and Zurich. If you are leaving by public transport immediately after the workshop on Sunday evening,  I recommend you stay in Zurich which is nearer the airport and has a main station. Pfäffikon is only 20 minutes by train from that station and is how I travel between the two locations. Details are in the Itinerary.

Getting to Zurich

Zurich has a major international airport and excellent road and rail links from all over Europe. If travelling from outside the EU you may need a visa so please check.

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