Without this course Lightroom would have languished unused on my computer!

23rd Mar 2018

I got Lightroom as part of my Photoshop package and had no idea where to start. Without this Workflow Mastery course I would have left it languishing on my computer unused. Now I can organise my photos and know exactly where everything is. It has also helped me keep just the keepers instead of having hundreds of pics I know I'll never look at let alone use. As always like you have managed to simplify a very complicated subject.

The price point is set just about right.  I'm paying a subscription for Adobe creative cloud and your course means I can now use what I'm paying for! I certainly recommend it.

One day Mike I will meet you in person on one of your workshops! Be prepared for a massive hug! You have taught me  all I know about photography and continue to be my much loved mentor. I wish you continued success and happiness  😊