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Ultimate Beginners photography course helped me learn the basics

 17th Aug 2018

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Ultimate Beginners Course has...

Made a huge difference to my photos.

What are the differences before UBC & after?

Learning the Basics!!! Learning all the functions of the camera in Manual mode. I always had problems getting "sharp" pictures, probably being in my senior years & using too low a shutter speed didn't help.

The Ultimate Beginners course is worth..?

In my opinion UBC is a great course. The way it's constructed is easy to understand in a non geek style, making it a fantastic way to learn.

Would you recommend The UBC?

I would thoroughly recommend this course.The presenter, with many years of experience, knows what he is talking about & explains & demonstrates each part meticulously. His easy going style & sense of humour make for good learning.

Tell us about your achievements & how you feel about them: 

I am very happy with the improvement in my photography as I have a greater understanding after completing this course.

Anything else you'd like to say?:

I would like to wish Mike & the whole team all the best for the future. Keep up the Great work you are doing it is very much appreciated.

Paul Drew

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