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This Lightroom course is priceless

 29th Mar 2016

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7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has made...: a huge difference to my workflow overall
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How has it done that?:

How has it done that?: I now have a system that I can immediately find and track all my pictures and it so easy to understand. Plus, I learned so many tricks that Lr does that I would never have known if I had not taken this course. This course just puts everything in order, step by step, and that's what makes it so easy to learn. I didn't feel overwhelmed with too much information.

My new workflow is easy to manage and well backed up as per Mikes advice throughout the course. Mikes work flow is a 'belts and braces' system and has made life more enjoyable in editing and getting images into the lightroom library.

What value do you place on the course? 

This course is priceless for those of us who want and need to be organized in a quick and efficient manner.

Would you recommend it?:  I certainly recommend it
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Anything else?:

I can not thank you enough for stressing the importance of backing up your Lightroom files.

Gina Heaton