The beginners workshop increased my understanding of basic concepts

 28th Apr 2018

From our feedback form

What are the differences before and after you attended the Beginners Workshop?

It increased my understanding of some basic concepts eg the compressing effect of zooming in and also making minor changes in your position.  I was aware of these in theory beforehand but the workshop really helped cement them.

I will take more time looking around for interesting subjects before shooting. 

Also I learnt how to take long exposure shots of moving water and am keen to practice this.

Would you recommend the Beginners Workshop?

Yes. Having Mike at your side giving expert advice and encouragement was really valuable.  Being in a small group we could also learn together and I can't wait to practise some of the principles we learnt.  It was a very stimulating and enjoyable day.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Thanks Mike!

Kate Carslaw