Saved my sanity and kept me using Lightroom

 8th Feb 2016

From our feedback form

7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has made...: a huge difference to my workflow overall
(Choose closest: Made a huge difference to my workflow overall - Made me more efficient - Helped me manage Lightroom - Made no difference - Confused me)

How has it done that?: It has helped me to use Lightroom as it should be used.  I have finally sorted out my vast number of images from last year and become properly organised for this year's.

What value do you place on the course?  It has saved my sanity and kept me using Lightroom.  Thank you for all your work producing it.

Would you recommend it?:  I definitely recommend it
(Please choose: I certainly recommend it - I do not recommend it)

Anything else?: The develop module has improved a lot in recent years.  It is a shame that Adobe haven't made the library/organisational part easier to get into.  This course has saved me so much time.

Alison Wood