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  • 002 Exposure 3 - Lightmeter and Stops
  • 002 Exposure 4 - Shutters And Apertures
  • 003 Settings 4 - Shutter And Movement Exercise
  • 008 Focal Length 3 - Field Of View
  • 009 Composition 10 - Negative Space
  • 010 Light 8 - Sun Silhouettes Starbursts
  • Sample support notes & exercises PDF

These are just 7 of the 90+ video lessons (8 hours in total) and a small sample of the Supporting Notes & Exercises documents. That's some superb value, so why would you ignore it? Doesn't make sense really does it.

Lessons like these are added to your Masterclass every week for the duration. Some have additional high resolution image downloads so you can compare differences on your own screen, rather than through the video player. There are plenty of practical exercises for you to complete, most of which I demonstrate as part of a lesson.

Depending on which version of Masterclass you choose, there’s between 5 and 15 additional ‘Mixing It Up’ bonus lessons where we’ll take all the good stuff from the course and bring it together as we go shoot some photos in a variety of situations.

And on top of all this, I’ll be sending you weekly coaching via email to help keep you motivated and on track. 

It'd be nuts not to take advantage of this opportunity. Your login details are in the email I just sent you with this video.

But - it's your call.

I wish you well...

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