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Workflow Mastery course means more time for photography

 2nd Jun 2016

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7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has ...: helped me manage Lightroom properly
(Choose closest: Made a huge difference to my workflow overall - Made me more efficient - Helped me manage Lightroom properly - Made no difference - Confused me - I hate it)

How has it done that?:

I am now able to efficiently import and find all of my photographs.  I post to social media and I offer full size printable photos which I can easily locate for those who want them.  Collections are just great, and understanding the Catalogue has made it fun to swop between catalogues on my backup drives.  Thanks Mike.

The course is worth...? (Please complete)

Time to take photographs is the value I give this course.  Less time lost searching my computer for photographs my friends or customers have asked for.

Would you recommend it?:  I certainly recommend it
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Anything else?:

Lightroom is a great tool for all levels of Photographers.  Knowing how to organise your workflow using Mikes' techniques combined with Lightroom tools has improved my efficiency, giving me more time to take photos and less time finding them on my computer.

John Garroch

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