Masterclass Ultimate

What is Masterclass Ultimate?Man with palms together in thanks gesture

Ultimate gives you weekly feedback and review sessions in a small group of 20 photographers max, so you're guaranteed coaching time with me.

Masterclass Ultimate course content 

  • 8 hours of video tuition
  • downloadable support notes and exercises
  • email coaching
  • 6 x pre-recorded webinars 
  • 4 weekly 'Ask Me Anything' (AMA) live feedback and mentoring sessions

Let's get personal

I want you to join one of these small groups so I can personally teach and mentor you as you go through the Masterclass program. I'll also throw additional challenges at you to test you and stretch you further.

We'll meet online each week of your four-week journey to becoming a competent and confident photographer and I'll answer any question you care to put to me. The sessions are each nominally 90 minutes long but in practice, they can go on longer. I won't walk away if you need answers.

You and I will get to know each other and build a relationship that could last a lifetime. Many of my students go on to be friends as well as fellow photographers and customers. Most go on to attend events and some even travel the world with me on international photography adventures as we continue our lifelong journey of discovery together...

Sign up for Ultimate £299

  1. Register your name and email address
  2. Pay £50 deposit
  3. I'll email you when we have enough participants to run

Pay £50 deposit

review tp-bridgitteVP   Google 5 star

A Masterclass in Photography 'Ultimate Edition' was filled to the brim with extremely useful explanations, techniques and tips. As a lover of all photography, Mike has definitely taught me how to be "more professional" on my approach and how exposure control's "superpowers" can make a huge creative impact on all photos taken. 

The best part was the weekly AMA's (Asking Me Anything). I found it nice to converse and pick his brain on certain things that I did not completely get the concept of when putting it all into practice.

I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to lift their game in the photography world.

Is it right for me?

If you are ready to commit to a four-week course, to putting in the work to achieve a step change in your skill and knowledge level, and you speak good English, then yes, Ultimate is for you.

Let me stress though, you will need to put in some effort. This isn't magic. It's going to require you to commit several hours a week on top of the video tuition and exercises which come as standard and I warn you now, I'll be checking you've done your homework! 

Our goal is to make sure you improve, have a great time pursuing your passion and make new friends - and I'm determined you will. If your determination matches mine, sign up now and in just four weeks I'll make you a much better photographer.

In fact, if you aren't camera competent and creatively confident by the end of the course, I'll give you your money back. Fair enough?

I look forward to working with you. 

Best wishes...

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