Suggested Accommodation for Lanzarote workshop

Please ensure your accommodation is easy walking distance to our daily pickup point.

Lomo Alto Restaurant
C. Hierro 2
35518 Puerto del Carmen


Here's a list of places to suit all budgets according to what you want. All are within walking distance of Lomo Alto.

Prices are approximate and accurate at the time of writing.

Basic Pension close to Lomo Alto

Self catering apartments

Also many more privately owned apartments - check out..


Air BnB is a good place to look too.

Getting around

Taxis and busses are plentiful on Lanzarote. If you're staying on for a few days break (maybe bring the family for a holiday whilst you're getting all photographic) you might also consider hiring a car. I use Plus Car whenever possible. They have an office in Puerto Del Carmen and pickup / drop off in the airport car park.

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