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I understand smart folders after Lightroom Exposed

 9th May 2018

From our feedback form3D-Box-Lightroom-Workflow

7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has:

Made a huge difference to my workflow.

How has it done that?

From week 1 this course made a difference to my workflow. I had images all over the place and had tried using several different filing systems which created a very messy Lightroom.

Now, I have one filing system which is organised and easy to use! I no longer import photos I don't want and understanding how to use smart folders and key words has made locating photos so much easier - happy days!

The course is worth?


Would you recommend it?

I certainly recommend it.

Anything else?:

This is the second course I have completed with Mike, both have been brilliant and I have learnt so much!

Looking forward to doing the next one.

Sarah Surman