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I have already recommended Beginners Photography course

 13th Jul 2018

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Ultimate Beginners Course has...

Put me in control of my photography.

What are the differences before UBC & after?

I came with a solid technical base, now I understand histograms better. Composition was something I didn't fully understand, your Hands & Feet and Knees showed me what I was doing but I didn't understand I could do more.

The Ultimate Beginners course is worth..?

The individual, I was attracted to your style and the course was right priced for me.

Would you recommend The UBC?

I have already recommended it to a fellow photo club member, he said he is interested in taking it.

Anything else you'd like to say?:

I have shot film since the late 60's, bought a D300 in 2008, and still shoot with one to day. Have presented at DSLR courses, I took the Ultimate Beginners Course to make sure I had not missed anything being self taught. I like your style and how the information is presented, I will be going back over it many time.

There are gems in there like you pressing the DOF preview button which I use all the time, and get push back when suggesting it's value to getting the right aperture.

Thank you for a great course, now the real work begins, experimenting, perfecting and improving my photography which already gives me much enjoyment.

Robert Nowland

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