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I found 1 on 1 training course invaluable

 18th Sep 2018

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What are the differences before and after the training?

I am beginning to be more aware of the importance of natural light and how best to use it. Composition - looking more carefully at the subject, where to stand, positioning myself. Making sure I'm not taking photographs with anybody who has no interest in the finer points of the art! Stress levels on both sides can go up unnecessarily. Asking myself 'why do I want to take that photograph?' As a matter of habit.

Would you recommend my 1 on 1 training?

Oh yes, I found it invaluable. You were clear, focused on what we asked you to help us with and when struggling, made sure we were able to get back on track. Time management was good and I'd say we got good value for money.

Many thanks again.

Malcolm Toll

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