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Manon Tremblay

 25th Nov 2016


I joined Digital Photography - videos, training and tips facebook page when there was about 1,500 people that liked the page. I was new to photography but so determined to learn. I soaked up every bit of information that Mike put out there.

I posted my first photo for the October monthly contest in the same year I joined. Of course they weren’t any good but Mike and Terri made me feel great by taking the time to give me some encouragements and advices.


I didn’t know the vocabulary, didn’t know how and didn’t know much about photography, but I kept at it.

I soon got over the fear of showing other people my photos, just because they weren’t at the standard the I knew they could be. Work, work, work…


Then one day, I got totally discouraged. I wanted to stop doing photography all together, but then my newly found friend Melissa Fox took the time to ‘put me back on track’.

Then, enough of the cry baby (as Melissa put it J) and I kept going. Thanks, my friend!


For a long story short, I got enough confidence in myself and in my photos to apply for a job at the ‘Artist Chanel magazine’ as a concert photographer and I got the job!

There was still a lot I didn’t know about it this type of photography, like how you can only take photos of the show in the first 3 songs, no flash and cramped up in the pit with up to 12 other photographers that are all pushing to get ‘’the shot’’.



I am still working for this magazine but now also work for ‘The Daily Rock magazine’ doing the same thing. I go to the biggest stadiums, taking photos of the biggest stars like Phil Collins and Def Leppard, Primal fear, Reo and many others.

It took me about 3 years and countless hours of laughters and frustrations to get there. I am glad I listened to Melissa J !!!


I will never finish learning and that’s the beauty of it. We can never be bored, there is a world of possibilities to discover!

So that my story, thanks for listening! 

Manon Tremblay