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Fantastic guides and like minded people on Vietnam Workshop

 26th Nov 2018

From our feedback form

What are the differences before and after the workshop?

Much more comfortable with dealing with people, asking for the shot. Looking for Simon's Action, Reaction and Location, as well as Mike's constant attention to the changing light and to composition.

Tell us about your achievements & how you feel about them...

Very positive reaction from the shots I have taken from everyone who has seen them, and there are still lots more to process.

Would you recommend the Asia Workshop?

I would say that if you have a sense of adventure, are flexible with what will happen, don't expect 5* luxury, want to be well away from the crowds and be in the company of fantastic guides and like minded people then what are you waiting for......?? Get signed up!

Anything else you'd like to say?

You will all know Mike, but may not know Simon Taplin as well? He's a top bloke, 1st class photographer, very amiable and a mine of information. Sharon Hoon is brilliant at organising, keeps things sorted and kept us all fully and regularly updated prior and during the workshop. She is also great fun to be around.

Robin Millett

Robin Millet