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Dave Keyworth

 21st Apr 2018

I purchased my first DSLR 9 years ago (Nikon D60) and spent the following 6 years stuck in Auto control. My composition improved but I was so frustrated with my poor exposure, blurred subjects and dull colours. The thought of clicking that dial to Manual control completely filled me with horror but I knew I had to take the leap.

After looking at lots of photographers online, I finally came across one of Mike’s video tutorials and I have never looked back since - in fact, you could say it has totally changed my life.

dave keyworth

Mikes’ knowledge, motivational skills, and straight-forward attitude are a winner for me, and over time I watched all his tutorials starting from the basics, right up to the dreaded Manual control. My photography improved and taking control of the camera settings opened up a whole new world for me.

dave keyworth 2

dave keyworth 3

In my early days I did a lot of action photography and then found that I also enjoyed portraits, so my natural instinct was to then look into doing wedding photography. I spent months and months doing research and then I purchased Mike’s Wedding Photography Exposed tutorial. A lot of emphasis was on Humanities and how you should conduct yourself as a wedding photographer which is totally ignored by most other photography tutorials. It gave me the confidence to move forward, and within 6 months I had my first wedding under my belt.

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Wedding photography is something that shouldn’t be rushed into, as you only get one chance to deliver the goods but thanks to Mike I am now up and running and loving every minute. Thanks Mike.