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Trustpilot Reviews

A Fantastic Foundation

Really enjoyed the course. Masterclass was easy to follow, informative and I can see the difference in my photos already. 

Thanks Mike

Mark Jasper

A Masterclass In Photography

I've just completed week 3 and wanted to say what an amazing course this is. Structured, informative, enjoyable and your presentation is so enthusiastic I'm motivated and enthusiastic to explore the exercises.  Your lessons are making Photography so much more enjoyable.

David James

Mike Browne Instructor Extraordinaire ...

Mike teaches fundamental skills in a simple, thorough and cohesive way. His students are empowered to build a solid foundation for creating their own style.

He's not "just teaching photography" - he's inspiring artists.

Crystal Craig

Thank you, Mike

The most comprehensive yet easy to follow photography courses online!

Your videos on focal distance and depth of field helped me understand photography on a much deeper level. 

review-g-alan eldridge
Masterclass in Photography is a great course
Mike is brilliant in his teaching with easy to understand, practical step by step instruction. I have been "studying" photography for a few years now, but in these video lessons I have learned so much more than I thought I would.

7bbp-review tp-daniel ausecTrustpilot Reviews

Absolutely well worth the fee
I am a fairly knowledgeable photographer and thought I might not benefit from the 7 building blocks of photography... WRONG!!! It is outstanding from any other photography course and gives you a 'virtual' road map for every image.

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1: Instagram influencers The Tansey Family promote family life and values, related products, activities and hotels. Sam Tansey learned photography from me. Their message to their 72,000 followers is.

"If you'd like to take awesome family photos meet Mike Browne - the guy I learned from. With real life video lessons, exercises and a great sense of humour, his Masterclass In Photography online course ensures you can take photos everyone will love. You can even try a free sample..." 

Tansey Family 1Tansey Family
The Tansey's affiliate link records sales via their channels and they receive 50%.

2: Emma administers a photography Facebook group and maintains a featured post that promotes Masterclass to members. Her affiliate link sends them to my website where they can try a free sample or buy the course. Emma receives 50% of the sale price. 

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A Masterclass In Photography - Content

Week 1: Cameras, Kit and The Art Of Exposure

  • Cameras & Kit (8 video lessons)
  • Art Of Exposure (8)
  • Support Notes & Exercises 1 - PDF
  • Searchable Contents Map - PDF (Premium & Ultimate)

Week 2: Superpowers and Creative Exposure 

  • Creative Exposure Controls (7) 
  • Exposure Masterclass (9) 
  • Semi Auto Modes (12) 
  • Support Notes & Exercises 2 - PDF

Week 3: Pin Sharp Pictures, Colour & Focal Length Magic

  • Pin Sharp Pictures (8) 
  • Colours (4) 
  • Focal Length Masterclass (12)
  • Support Notes & Exercises 3 - PDF

Week 4: Composition & Light

  • Composition (14) 
  • Light (18)
  • Support Notes & Exercises 4 - PDF
  • Bonus Live Shoot Videos (up to 15 depending on package)

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Tutorials, downloadable notes and exercises are added to your account every seven (7) days to completion of the course. You can pause or speed up your course should you wish.  

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