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Online courses are instantly sent to the person buying them

Anti-Spam laws make it illegal for us to send email to someone who hasn't personally given us permission to do so.

When you 'add to cart' we only have legal permission to send a course to You - not the person you're buying it for.

So your options are... 

Buy - then ask us to change the details

Reply to the receipt email we send you with the name and email address of the person you bought it for and we'll swap it over.

  • There'll be a slight delay as we change the details. Usually no more than 2 days, but varies over weekends and holidays  
  • The course initially comes to you until we've changed the details
  • We cannot re-schedule the start date, but your friend will still get the entire course

Gift the cost - they buy it themselves

Send the lucky person the cost in a card or by bank transfer and they buy it for themselves. 

  • You can give your gift when you want to
  • The course starts the day it's bought so they can begin when it suits them
  • Avoids delays


OK - got it. Please take me back to...

2: The Thought Process


No 2: THINK like a photographer

  • The questions you need to ask
  • How do You want it to look?
  • Finding settings to achieve it
  • Setting up in the right order
  • More striking images - less wasted time
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4: Post Production


No 4: Lightroom Post Production

  • Tools & sliders explained
  • How to use them effectively
  • Vision, interpretation & style
  • No more over developed images
  • Lightroom’s for polishing - not mending
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