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Buying a course as a gift?

It's illegal for us to email a course to someone unless we have their personal permission to do so.

When you 'add to cart' we only have legal permission to send a course to You - not the person you're buying it for.

You can gift a course by either... 

1: Give the cost - they buy it themselves

Send the lucky person the cost - and they buy it for themselves. 

  • You can give your gift when you want to
  • The course starts the day it's bought so they can begin when it suits them
  • Avoids delays

2: Buy it yourself - and ask us to swap it over to them

Reply to the receipt email we send you with the name and email address of the person you bought it for - and we'll make sure they get it.

  • We'll do it ASAP, but there may be a few days delay as we manually change the details. (This will vary over weekends and holidays)
  • The 1st lesson will come to you, but your friend will still get the entire course in their account when your details are changed
  • I'm sorry, we cannot re-schedule a start date

Mike PortraitI'm sorry, I know it's frustrating but that's how it is.

We are always compliant with anti-spam laws. 

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OK - got it. Please take me back to...

2: Intermediate to Advanced


You need this if you want to...

  • Find the right settings for any image
  • Connect the creative & technical
  • Become more visually aware
  • Learn how to pre-visualise
  • Make a pre-visualisation a reality
  • Learn how pro photographers think 
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3: Organise Your Workflow

7 steps to workflow mastery

You need this if you want to...

  • Never have a 'Image Missing' message 
  • Find photos in seconds
  • Understand Catalogs and Collections
  • Have an easy, repeatable workflow
  • Save loads of time
  • Get Lightroom working for you
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4: Post Production


You need this if you want to...

  • Understand what all the tools do
  • Use the tools effectively
  • Create stunning natural looking images
  • Master selective retouching
  • Develop your own style
  • Know when to stop. Less is more...
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5: In Full Focus Course Package


All Courses + Exclusive CDTP Video

  1. Ultimate Beginners Course - FREE
  2. 7 Blocks - Think Like A Photographer
  3. Workflow Mastery - Get Organised
  4. Perfect Pictures - Post Production
  5. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BONUS: Cameras Don't Take Pictures Seminar filmed at 2019 Photography Show, UK 2019
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