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From beginner to perfect pictures - I can help you...

How confident would you feel if you could control your camera and settings - effortlessly? If you knew what to do in any situation and post production was organised and fulfilled a vision? 

Choose a course and discover why they get great reviews 

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commasopencommascloseBefore UBC I was going though all the different setting and getting confused. You have to learn your camera before applying what Mike has taught. It is because he such clear instructions that you realize its really understanding how to set up the camera for a situation.

- Kevin Morgan -

Intermediate to Advanced


You need this if you want to...

  • Find the right settings for any image
  • Connect the creative & technical
  • Become more visually aware
  • Learn how to pre-visualise
  • Make a pre-visualisation a reality
  • Learn how pro photographers think 
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Organise Your Workflow

7 steps to workflow mastery

You need this if you want to...

  • Never have a 'Image Missing' message 
  • Find photos in seconds
  • Understand Catalogs and Collections
  • Have an easy, repeatable workflow
  • Save loads of time
  • Get Lightroom working for you
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Post Production


You need this if you want to...

  • Understand what all the tools do
  • Use the tools effectively
  • Create stunning natural looking images
  • Master selective retouching
  • Develop your own style
  • Know when to stop. Less is more...
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In Full Focus Course Package


All Courses + Exclusive CDTP Video

  1. Ultimate Beginners Course - FREE
  2. 7 Blocks - Think Like A Photographer
  3. Workflow Mastery - Get Organised
  4. Perfect Pictures - Post Production
  5. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BONUS: Cameras Don't Take Pictures Seminar filmed at 2019 Photography Show, UK 2019
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