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How confident would you feel if your camera and settings were as effortless and easy as an old friendship? If you knew how to compose and use light in any situation and post production was organised and fulfilled your vision?

My online photography courses get rave reviews. Find out why below...


Photography Courses

Think Like A Photographer


You need this if you want to...

  • Find the right settings for any image
  • Connect the creative & technical
  • Become more visually aware
  • Learn how to pre-visualise
  • Make a pre-visualisation a reality
  • Learn how pro photographers think 
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Post Production


You need this if you want to...

  • Understand what all the tools do
  • Use the tools effectively
  • Create stunning natural looking images
  • Master selective retouching
  • Develop your own style
  • Know when to stop. Less is more...
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Why Buy A Photography Course?

Mike Browne Xposure Festival speakersI know, there's loads of great free stuff out there, so why pay for a photography course?

Which course is right for you?

My Masterclass In Photography will teach you the camera skills you need, why cameras get it wrong and what to do about it, fundamentals of lighting and composition. These fundamentals are essential and until you've mastered them, I'm sorry my friend but you are still at the start of your journey no matter how long you've been into photography. Then you'll be ready for an advanced photography course.

The 7 Building Blocks Of Photography is an advanced photography course where you'll learn how to think like a photographer. It's the essential thought process behind making eye catching imagery which connects the technical aspects of photography to the creative so you can capture any image you like regardless of genre. This is a creative photography course. You must be 100% confident with your camera skills, light and composition before embarking upon it.

7 Steps To Perfect Pictures is a post production course based on Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. Post production is not a place to fix something that didn't work. It's where we put our final interpretation on our images - and you must get it right in camera to do this. When you shoot jpg the camera does the post production for you and how your image looks depends entirely on the post production settings you choose on it. Remember, a camera doesn't know how you want your photos to look and that photographers have hand printed and worked on post production since the dawn of photography. 

Included with it free is my 7 Steps to Work-flow Mastery where you'll learn the incredible tools in Lightroom Classic CC's Library section which will help your file management and even do a lot of the work for you.

Why Choose Me?

I've been running photography courses for many years and teach at some of the most prestigious photography events in the world. Check out the Trustpilot link below and you'll discover I do know what I'm doing.

You can find out more about me on the About Mike page.

All online courses have free samples which are valuable in themselves - and if you're not a better more confident photographer after completing one of my courses, I'll give you your money back.

So do yourself a favour, choose a photography course, try a sample and get stuck in...

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