Cameras Don't Take Pictures was a very useful and informative workshop

 16th Jul 2019

Cameras Don't Take Pictures event as...

CDTP has...

Improved my photography.

How would you describe CDTP?

A very useful and enjoyable workshop, probably for those who are not complete beginners but have at least had a go at making better and more interesting pictures.

CDTP is worth?

Taking part in and parting with a very reasonable amount of cash. Well worth it.

Would you recommend CDTP?

Yes, because of all that was mentioned above and that it was very good value for money. Also because of the opportunity to share photos with fellow participants afterwards (using the ClickASnap website) and sharing experiences in general.

Anything else you'd like to say?

I was made aware of the importance of studying the work of past and present masters of the art, something I haven't done intentionally before but will definitely get into the habit of doing now.

Lazar Der Gregorian

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