An enjoyable experience and well worth the money

21st Aug 2020

7 Building Blocks has... Massively improved my photography overall.

What are the differences before 7 Blocks & after? Before I thought I was a good amateur photographer,  but looking back my results for a 'good photo' were pretty low. Now my hit rate has vastly improved and the number of pictures I am "proud of" have increased dramatically.

What is the course worth to you? My end goal is not financial return but one of pleasure. And the pleasure and pride I am now getting from the pictures I take is priceless. An enjoyable experience and well worth the money.

Would you recommend The 7 Blocks?  Yes. To anyone who is looking to learn how to take better pictures and learn from the experience of a professional. The course is well structured, easy to follow and you can see tangible results.

Tell us about your achievements (Published / sold / 100s of likes etc.): My wife loves the results and it has encouraged her to take up photography - she has just completed the Masterclass in Photography! The latest photo posted  "That's beautiful" and "That is such a cool photo"...