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Abundance of photo opportunities on Zurich workshop

 7th May 2018

From our feedback form

What are the differences before and after the workshop?

My goal was to learn to be more creative in my photography and broaden my overall skills and I definitely achieved both of these goals. The exercises and abundance of photo opportunities in the workshop pushed boundaries in many photo areas (landscape, street, night) and allowed me to grow in every area.

Tell us about your achievements & how you feel about them...

I walked away from the workshop with some great photos.  I feel much more confident in walking up to people now in street photography, I also learned new techniques in night photography.

Would you recommend the Zurich Workshop?

I would highly recommend the Zurich workshop. It pushed my outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to learn not only from Mike, but from my fellow workshop members as well. Mike was hand on and always available to answer questions and made you feel at ease, no matter how basic your question may have been.

Joe Selsavage