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Lightroom Course has made me confident editing

 12th Apr 2018

From our feedback form

7 Steps To Perfect Pictures7 Steps to Perfect Pictures has...

Helped me understand my creative options.

How has it done that?

Despite having been using Lightroom for some years, the 7 Steps to Perfect Pictures course helped a lot with regards to the use of brushes, which I had avoided.. and it was also helpful concerning the settings/parts of Lightroom that I don't use because I didn't see any difference using them - same as Mike!

The course is worth...?

The course is worth what I paid.

Would you recommend 7 Steps to Perfect Pictures?

I certainly recommend it.

Tell us about your achievements & how you felt:

Much more confident about tackling editing knowing I can go back to square one in case of over confident balls ups...

Anything else you'd like to say?

Yes. Printing. I like to print my (best) shots but find Lightroom printing a nightmare, it never seems to produce what I expect so I use another program which seems longwinded. 

It would have been nice to see PRINTING as part of the Lightroom course, or an addendum when you have time. Otherwise, apart from sending files out to 3rd parties, how do you print at home, if at all?

James Burton