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Lightroom Course has cleared mystery up

 7th Jun 2018

From our feedback form3D-Box-Lightroom-Workflow

7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has:

Helped me manage Lightroom properly.

How has it done that?

Using your system means that I can now find my files so much more easily. Understanding the catalogue - wow, what a difference that's made. There was so much that I did not understand previously. All that mystery to it has been cleared up.

The course is worth?

Without question, well worth the money. I know that people have said there's plenty of videos on YouTube why pay for it. Yes, there is but I paid for a teacher who knows what he's talking about, and watching you on the videos was like being in the same room as you. DEFINITELY VALUE FOR MONEY.

Would you recommend it?

I certainly recommend it.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Keep the videos coming and I look forward to purchasing the development of my pictures in lightroom plus the course on thinking like a photographer.

I think I've found the best trainer out there.

Paul Law