I used your YouTube videos this winter to teach

13th May 2020

I want to tell you that I am just elated with your 7 building blocks course. I am in the third week right now and love every minute of it. I like the way you present the subjects. I also like how you bring in the building blocks to create a photograph.

I got to know you this past winter I am in Florida at a campground and I teach photography to the seniors here at the campground. I used your YouTube videos this winter to teach the class on how to shoot in manual and use the Histogram. They loved it. All my classes before were like 'do it this way because it works!'. Yours is much more creative in making a picture not just taking one in front of you.

I am now catching on in becoming a real photographer with your class. I did weddings for 15 years while working a 2nd job also at GM. I love your class and will be spreading around that people should take it.


Ps. I am also in your 12 week lockdown group....