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Debbie Mitra Singh

 29th Aug 2017

I am a 29 year old looking back to when I was 5. When my parents left for work, I went up to my grandfather's room in our attic. It was there, he opened up a magical world- his treasure chest of photographic relics and goodies! a dozen film cameras, films, prints, albums, light meters and entertain me with his loving spirits! I used to watch his fashion show photo slides on the wall wide-eyed, taking everything in!


Looking back, he was the inspiration for me to pick up a film camera in school and start taking photos of my environment. I took pictures of everything around me- capturing what appealed my 5 senses. Later on I got my first digital camera when I was in 15! 


Remembering my grandfather's passion for photography, I never gave up and realized that my love was for portraits, people and their journey! I looked at other works of photographers around the world  and was lucky enough to be in India for 15 years where I delved into a whole world of faces!


I learnt to be more confident in approaching people who don't know me but usually with a smile and a genuine chat, things would change and after I showed their picture taken, we would have a trusting bond! 


Today I continue to capture a story, an emotion and journey through my clicks and in memory of my grandfather.