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Cameras Don't Take Pictures has changed my thinking

 27th Aug 2019

Cameras Don't Take Pictures event as...

CDTP has...

Changed my thinking.

How would you describe CDTP?

CDTP is a thought provoking exercise that gets you looking at subjects in a different way. Light, shadows, reflections and different angles all now play a more important part in taking photos.  Certainly makes you think more before you press the shutter.

CDTP is worth?

The main value of attending the seminar is the experience and advice given not only from Mike, but from the rest of the group. Listening and learning the techniques of others is of far greater value than the monetary cost.

Would you recommend CDTP?

I would certainly recommend CDTP seminars, an absolute must for beginners.

I'm one, so I know!

Anything else you'd like to say?

I bought a new camera, one up from a point and shoot compact, so I class myself as a complete beginner. I had no idea what an aperture was, ISO's meant nothing and shutter speeds were just as mystifying. Stumbled across an easy going bloke on YouTube watched his videos intently and now I have a vague idea of how to juggle the three settings. I saw his live broadcast where CDTP in Doncaster got a mention and booked a spot straight away. Best thing I did.

I would like to thank you Mike, for all of your help and on-line tuition. Without any of it, I really wouldn't have a clue what I was doing. 7 Building blocks of photography could well be my new purchase.

Roy Adams

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