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7BB - It has been fun to learn this way

 27th Jun 2021

From our Feedback form

7 Building Blocks of Photography 27 Building Blocks of Photography has...

Massively improved my photography overall

What are the differences before 7 Blocks & after?

Mike , This course has given to me a better understanding of all seven building block subjects , as you say its made me think like a photographer.

It puts things in order.

What is the course worth to you?

The course has helped alot even though I have been taking pictures for a while, your excellent explanations and YouTube films have given me a lot better understanding of photography - and a bit more confidence, very enjoyable.

Also as local to you, I can relate to the locations.

Would you recommend The 7 Blocks? 

I would recomend 7 building blocks, as you teach in a very practical/visual way that makes it easy to understand .

Tell us about your achievements (Published / sold / 100s of likes etc.):

I am very pleased with my photos, I get plenty of likes - up to 200 on local media, and likes on RPS nature site that I have joined. I know a lot more about how to achive the image I have in my head before taking pictures.

Anything else you'd like to say?

In the future i would like to do one of your overseas trips.

Below a few of my pics... a bit of nature , as I live in Brockenhurst, it has been fun to learn this way - I did not know i had such talent on my doorstep.

Thanks Mike.

Peter Gregory


peter gregory nature




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