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7 Steps To Workflow Mastery is priceless

 21st Jun 2016

From our feedback form3D-Box-Lightroom-Workflow

7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has ...: helped me manage Lightroom properly
(Choose closest: Made a huge difference to my workflow overall - Made me more efficient - Helped me manage Lightroom properly - Made no difference - Confused me - I hate it)

How has it done that?: (Please complete)

The way I had all my files and folders plus my copies caused me to be confused especially when trying to find photos that Lightroom could not find, because they were elsewhere on my computer, so that helped me.

Also having a workflow log has also helped. Having a numbering system for my folders, making sure all my photos are named and copywrited.

The course is worth...? (Please complete)

Priceless, it’s clear and easy to understand, Mike doesn't waffle on and get waylaid

Would you recommend it?:  (Please choose: I certainly recommend it - I might recommend it - I do not recommend it)

I certainly recommend it

Anything else?:

I use Desk Top PC at moment, but will be investing hopefully in a Mac it looks much more controllable than a PC and less faff, in my view from watching the course.

Robert Townsend

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