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7 Blocks renewed my confidence

 13th May 2016

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7 Building Blocks of Photography has ...:
(Choose closest: massively improved my photography overall - improved my photography - made me more confident - Made me think things through - made no difference - Confused me - I hate it)

made me think things through

What are the differences before 7 Blocks & after?: (please complete)

I am 56 years of age and been taking photos for years from very first kodak film camera. I just took photos and didn't think about composition. I just took things I came across.

I first became interested in photography with the Boys Brigade. For a while I stopped because film photography expensive, especially taking loads of photos, few photos turned out great but not perfect. Then digital came along. I have been told by friends who I photographed at parties that I should go into professionally . I have done weddings for friends and relatives, but not professionally like yourself.

I took this course to brush up on some aspects, like lighting, using flash and understanding my camera a bit more, using manual, AP, . I intend to retire from work in a couple of years After 40 years, and hopefully do weddings as a sideline.

The 7 blocks is worth...? (please complete)

Priceless. This has given me a renewed confidence . to improve my photos, and hopefully share them on ClickAsnap with you.

Would you recommend The 7 building Blocks of Photography?:  (please complete)

Yes, They are very informative easy to understand and presented in a way that you will learn from it, in all fields

Anything else?:

Robert Townsend