7 Blocks has made me more mindful and discriminating with my photography

 8th Apr 2016

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7 Building Blocks of Photography has ...: made me think things through
(Choose closest: massively improved my photography overall - improved my photography - made me more confident - Made me think things through - made no difference - Confused me)

What are the differences before 7 Blocks & after?: (please complete)

The 7 Blocks have helped me refine the process of image creation into a thoughtful process, providing structure to my previous experiences as an 'inspired snapper'.

I particularly appreciated gaining an increased awareness about the quality of light, and the creative opportunities with regard to depth of field & perspective using various lenses.

The 7 blocks is worth...? (please complete)

The 7 Blocks has made me more mindful and discriminating with my photography. The course has consolidated the basics of image creation into a new set of habits for image capture.

The value is...: (please complete)

Priceless .... many thanks.

Would you recommend The 7 building Blocks of Photography?: 

Yes, I heartily recommend The 7 Blocks. It provides the tools for thoughtful image creation via enthusiastic detailed explanations and examples.

Anything else?:

I was impressed by Mike's generous approach to sharing his experiences through his extensive online video tutorial contributions.

Peter Torokfalvy