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7 Blocks course linked my learning together

 30th Mar 2018

From our feedback form

7 Building Blocks of Photography 27 Building Blocks of Photography has ...

Improved my photography.

What are the differences before 7 Blocks & after?

It helped me think about all of the areas of the 7 blocks, rather than just my settings. The focal length / DOF section was most useful, but all of the elements helped improve my photography.

The 7 blocks is worth...?

I think it is priced appropriately. I felt is was good value, though many of the elements are touched on in your free videos.

Would you recommend The 7 building Blocks of Photography?

Yes, I felt it improved my photography after I have been trying for a number of years, this course just linked it all together for me.

Tell us about your achievements & how you felt: 

I am still working on improvements, but may well add some examples at a later date.

Anything else you'd like to say?

All in all, a very worthwhile course, I hope one day to be able to spend a day with you to improve things further.


Rick Phillips