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Help me set up a workshop where you live

You come for FREE

Hundreds of people just like you have learnt new skills on my photo workshops on the UK's south coast. With a little help form you we can now do them anywhere in the UK or overseas.

Setting up a photography workshop with me will be...

  • An exciting photography / video project for you
  • An opportunity to learn new skills
  • And a whole lot of fun ...

Interested? Please take a look through this section and contact me if you are.

In return I'll give you ...

  • Free 1:1 online mentoring to help you shoot marketing images and video clips
  • The Masterclass / Workshop for Free

There are two sides to setting up a workshop.

There’s the planning so we know where we’re going and what we’ll be photographing and promoting the workshop so people will come and know what to expect. I’ll do most of the promotion though any help is still appreciated.

1st Planning - which is pretty simple

  • Finding a place where we can base ourselves that's accessible to the locations we're going to visit
  • Putting together a short list of places for people to stay that's close to our 'base camp'
  • Arranging transport / mini bus hire
  • Sending me the costs of the above

2nd Promotion - this is the interesting bit because it's a creative project you can get your teeth into

  • Shoot and send me some photos of the location(s) to make a gallery on the website
  • Shooting some video footage for me to make a 60 second promotional film
  • We've made a How To Make A Video film to help you get going. Don't worry about editing it - that's my job.

I don't want to set any unrealistic expectations, so it's only fair to mention there can be quite a lot of work involved, but I’ll help and support you along the way. We can speak on Skype or Google Hangouts and stay in touch through email.

As you're the person making it happen it's only fair that you come for free - because without you there wouldn't be a workshop.

If this is something you'd find fun and interesting as a project please check out the workshop planing and workshop promotion pages in this section for more details.


If you're up for it - please contact me before you do anything else.

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