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Please shoot some photos and video to promote the workshop

This is a project which should be fun

To ensure the workshop happens we need to make sure enough people book onto it. I will promote it through this website, on our Facebook page, Google+ and on Youtube. Your job will be to supply me with some photos and video to make it happen.

As a photographer this should be a fun and exciting project for you which will help you improve your skills and be a great excuse to get out there with your camera.

Photos of the location(s):
I'm going to need about 10-20 photos of the location(s). I know everyone is at different levels of photographic skill and confidence so please don't think you are under pressure to send me world class imagery. If you can that's great. I guess I'm saying do the best you can with whatever you have. I'm sure you know your way around our videos and they will help you. I'm also here to help if you feel a bit stuck.

If you already have a bunch of photos which are current they'll be fine. If you'd like to make this an opportunity to shoot more that's awesome - and you'll have the advantage of having a purpose to do which will motivate and inspire you.

A video is really important and will make a huge difference. You can shoot it with a phone, DSLR or video camera - any will be perfect. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t shot much video before because we have put together a couple of ‘How To Shoot a Video’ videos to help you. And I've put together a list of tips, techniques and a checklist of things to do so the footage can be edited together.

If you're into video and would like to edit the film yourself that's great. Please can we have a chat first because I will probably want to add a bit to the beginning and end.

I think this will be an interesting opportunity for you to learn some new skills and have fun too. Why not get yourself a cup (or glass) of something you enjoy, get comfy and watch this video which will tell you more about it.


Other ways to help with promotion:

  • Posting about it on photography forums and placing a link to the relevant page on our website
  • Sharing on social media sites
  • If you have a website of your own put up a page about it
  • Inviting your local camera club

Setting the Date(s):
Please give some thought to when the workshop should be. More people will be able to come if the workshop covers a weekend. If we’re going to do something over a week then it’s best to begin and end on a weekend.

Time of year: Think about when the weather is going to be at it's best for us. Rainy dull times of year or super hot and humid are not going to work that well. We can talk about this later and find a time which will work.

If you're up for it - please contact me before you do anything else.

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