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To plan a workshop here's what I'd need you to do.

There is quite a bit of work involved and whilst I don't want to put you off, I do want you to be aware it may take up some of your time. I'll need help to find a base for Masterclasses, locations for workshops, research costs and in some cases transportation depending on what you propose.

A base to work from:
We’ll need a base camp which can cater for 10 to 15 people where we can meet and use as a kind of classroom to look at images, have feedback sessions and review what we’ve done. If the weather turns really bad we can still do photography and training there whilst we’re waiting for it to clear.

Our base camp doesn’t need to be 'flashy' or up-market. It must be clean, warm and dry and have basic facilities such as lavatories, somewhere to make tea and coffee, chairs, tables and mains electricity. It has to be somewhere secure so we can lock the door when we go out to do practical work or get lunch etc.

Village and church halls, scout huts and community centres are often perfect because they're usually inexpensive which helps keep the costs down and the workshop more affordable. Some hotels and restaurants will allow us to use a room for free provided we have lunch / dinner there so it's worth asking.

Our base should be somewhere that’s as easy as possible to get to and from accommodation and the photo locations we’re going to shoot so we don’t spend more time than necessary travelling. In the UK a 60 mile drive could take two hours because the roads tend to be very congested, but in Australia 60 miles is ‘just down the road’ and might take 45 minutes. It’s all relative to where you are and what we’re photographing.

Places to stay:
People may be travelling from far away they’ll need places to stay. These should be easy for people to reach our base from.

If possible please can you find four or five places ranging from budget to five stars, their contact details and web addresses so people can choose what works for them.

We may or may not need transport depending on circumstances. The workshop I run in Switzerland it’s easiest to use the train between locations because locations are only twenty minutes apart and have stations within five minutes walk.

Please can you find out how much it will cost to hire a mini bus and if there are any legal requirements or permits needed if you’re outside the UK.

Photo Locations:
You know your area best so this one is your call. You might have some great cityscapes, parks, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, canyons, forests, big skys, gardens, villages etc we can take pictures of so please speak to me about them so I can work them into the workshop logically. 

Have a think about distances involved and how long it will take. If there are several great locations think about whether or not we can visit them all in the time we have. Think about the light too because it won't work if we try to cram in too many locations and end up missing the best light because of that.

I'll need accurate costs for things like transport and room hire for our base camp. Please find out what these will be by email so you can forward them onto me and we'll have it in writing.

Anything Else?
It's always useful to know where the nearest cafe or restaurant is so we can tell people if they need packed lunches. Maybe there's a sandwich / snack van that comes round (unlikely if it's a weekend) so people can buy something.

If there's anything else you think would be useful to know I welcome your input.

Photos and video for promotion - this is the fun part....

If you're up for it - please contact me before you do anything else.

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