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Shoot, Learn & Have a Blast in Morocco

Mike BrowneI spent 10 days scouting to find amazing locations for you (see gallery) and have roughed out a 10 day itinerary. We're getting hotel, transport and other arrangements finalised now and will announce dates, costs etc soon. 

Please leave your details below. The moment it's ready I'll let you know before anyone else ...

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Meanwhile here are a few images of what you can expect in Morocco

(all shot on Fuji XT-2 with 18-55mm lens)

1401 Morocco-2881401 Morocco-2781401 Morocco-61401 Morocco-201401 Morocco-1721401 Morocco-5391401 Morocco-328morocco-lunch1401 Morocco-741401 Morocco-704-Pano1401 Morocco-3951401 Morocco-4021401 Morocco-735-HDR1401 Morocco-3091401 Morocco-191401 Morocco-901401 Morocco-931401 Morocco-1221401 Morocco-3591401 Morocco-231401 Morocco-441401 Morocco-5531401 Morocco-4091401 Morocco-4251401 Morocco-4171401 Morocco-5791401 Morocco-599IMG 02231401 Morocco-6011401 Morocco-320IMG 0168IMG 0166IMG 01711401 Morocco-729-HDR1401 Morocco-9541401 Morocco-9151401 Morocco-8381401 Morocco-813IMG 02171401 Morocco-9621401 Morocco-1040-HDR1401 Morocco-10451401 Morocco-10261401 Morocco-1102-HDRIMG 01721401 Morocco-3091401 Morocco-11881401 Morocco-4181401 Morocco-2011401 Morocco-3531401 Morocco-5001401 Morocco-518-Pano1401 Morocco-458