calendarSaturday Nov 12th 2016
10.00am-1pm: Novotel London, Southwark Bridge RD, SE1 9HH


with TV and Youtube Photography Expert Mike Browne

£54.99 per person

100% Money Back Guarantee: If You are not CONVINCED you will take better photos following this event, I personally guarantee I will refund your ticket price in full.

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green tick Image Mastery and Inspiration 

Do You take 1000s of "OK" images - but are not truly proud of them? Is it hard to get Inspired and find photos? Are You confused as to Why?

You are not alone - I've been there too...

green tick How To Think Like A Photographer

Did Leonardo DaVinci's brushes paint the Mona Lisa for him? No - so why would a camera take photos for you?

You need a simple, repeatable Thought Process.

green tick The Real Difference Between ‘Good’ & ‘Bad’

Join me and find out what makes a 'Good' photo, how to do it, why some photos are 'Bad' - AND WHAT TO DO SO IT NEVER HAPPENS TO YOU.

It took me 25 years to discover this...


How It Works

cdtp logoCameras Don't Take Pictures is Experiential Learning, or learning through experience. As participants ask questions and share experience doing some fun exercises together as a group, new ways of thinking start to emerge. New ways to be more confident to try things out, new ways to be creative and bridge the gap between the technical and creative aspects of photography.

The big breakthrough for most people is the realisation that the majority of photography happens OUTSIDE THE CAMERA. And that there are only FIVE controls you truly need to master. By blending creative thinking and a few techniques together, its actually easy to shoot images that get hundreds or even thousands of 'Likes'.

How proud will you feel?



The best thing was how you spoke your thought process aloud when working a shot and reverse engineered it for us. A really inspiring talk and I Loved the audience participation.

Tracey Howe

Very enjoyable and completely different to the usual lectures. You made it thought provoking and included the audience with your questions.

David Huntingford

Very inspiring! I am more relaxed about taking pictures now, and take more time to look for the better angle or a new approach.

Marilyn Timney


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Cameras Don't Take Pictures...

Inspiration, motivation and new ways of thinking - 'Self Help' for Photographers

IS about...

  • Putting YOU IN CONTROL of your photography
  • The Crucial Thought Process behind all eye catching images
  • How to find the right settings for any shot
  • Inspiration, motivation & new ways of thinking
  • Fulfilling Your potential as a photographer

is NOT about...

  • Camera controls / techniques available on 1000s of free videos
  • Memorising settings. They're USELESS unless you're taking the identical composition at the same moment
  • Which gadgets, kit and tech are 'best'
  • Being lectured to


Who's Mike Browne?


I took these Images in London...

... with nothing fancier than an 18-55mm lens.



Join me at the Novotel Hotel, London City South on Saturday 12th November for just £54.99 and discover how easily You Can Too.

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Helen Atkinson from Snapper Stuff will be joining us so if you have any questions about tripods, heads, ThinkTank camera bags etc you can ask her personally. There'll be a selection of goodies available to buy including...

Rotation 180 Horizon, filter pouches, FirstLight 30L, Backlight, ThinkTank Photo: Streetwalker Pro, Airport Advantage, Airport Commuter, video Workhorse, Mirrorless Movers, Retrospective, Lily Deanne, Urban Approach, small accessories


Cost: £54.99

Date: Saturday 12th November 2016
Time: 9.30am for 10.00am start - ends 1.00pm

Novotel Hotel London City South
53-61 Southwark Bridge Rd

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