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Wedding photography tips

 7th Oct 2009

Wedding photography tipsHere comes the bride -­ but are you ready to take the perfect photo?

Wedding photography tips revolve around planning and preparation. Couples put lots of thought into their big day.

And if you’re photographing a wedding - so should you…

Wedding photography tips: location, location, location

  • Plan your shots with the B&G in advance -­ decide on ‘must have’ photos and the cliches to avoid.
  • Plan your location ­- check out the wedding venue in advance. Think about lighting and where you can shoot exciting pics without getting in the way. Attend the rehearsal if possible.
  • Think about all those little detail shots (such as rings, flowers and menus) that make each wedding different and special. Get inspiration from wedding magazines.
  • Recruit help ­- get an usher or other helper to round up all the reception guests needed for each shot, otherwise it can be like herding cats.

Wedding photography tips: planning your kit, taking the shots

  • Ensure your batteries are charged, memory cards are formatted and turn off the sound (don’t let camera beeps disrupt the ceremony).
  • Use two cameras with different lenses -­ wide angle (12mm-24mm) and telephoto of at least 200mm. A super zoom 18-200 is also very handy.
  • Think about flash -­ fill-in flash can be good but don’t go flash-crazy. Some churches and venues ban flash. It can also destroy the atmosphere of an image when used inappropriately.
  • Use a tripod to avoid blurring if light is low.
  • Get arty -­ sure you’ll have to take some standard groups but be creative too. Take some pics from different angles. Continuous shooting mode allows you to capture more smiles, laughs and spontaneity.

If you’re going to photograph a wedding for a friend, as extra income or as a career change, you’ve got to make sure you get it right because there isn’t a second chance.

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This wedding photography course gives you all the background information you’ll need to make the day work - for both the photographer and couple. 

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