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Mike PortraitThank you for helping. Your suggestion for a free photo-walk route to follow after the Cameras Don't Take Pictures talk is hugely appreciated. It means we can make it an all day event which is much more exciting and everyone gets the opportunity to shoot whilst all inspired and fired up after the talk.

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UK towns and cities only please - in The South West, The Midlands, North of England, Scotland (especially Edinburgh & Glasgow), Ireland (North & South), Wales. I have a great one in central London already, but open to suggestions


Please draw your proposed route on Google Maps and send me the link. Here's how...

  1. Go to https://www.maps.ie/map-my-route/
  2. Follow instructions on the page (recommend you un-check 'snap to roads') 
  3. Save your route map
  4. Copy / paste the page URL* into the form below (*Highlighted blue)

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