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Mike Browne Interview 3

7 Building Blocks of Photography 2


Part 3 of Dave Vickers Photo Show interview with me - Mike Browne.

This week we’re getting in deep about…

  • How I got into teaching photography
  • Why the Youtube channel began
  • Benefits of workshops and online training
  • Why getting it 'wrong' is so important
  • It has to work for everyone - You and Me
  • What I get out of it
  • Working as a professional photographer
  • My dream comission

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commasopencommascloseBefore 7 Blocks of Photography  I took pictures - now I create pictures. There are two main things I got: 1.Settings don't create a picture, a picture gives the settings. 2. Cameras don't take the picture - you take the picture.

- Øystein Thorsen -