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Exposure Bracketing

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Somewhere between these two extremes of exposure lies the correct one and by bracketing your exposures you can easily find it.

Bracketing in photography is a bit like bracketing when you write ­ it means putting something either side. So when you’re talking exposure bracketing you make exposure(s) either side of the exposure the camera says is correct. This is especially handy if you’re into making HDR images or shooting in a high contrast situation.

But did you know your camera can do automatic exposure bracketing? And it can do white balance bracketing too so in theory it’ll get your colours right for you. In my experience white balance bracketing doesn’t work too well, but it gives you several options to choose from when you edit your pictures.

Join me in the bar at Sway Manor Hotel where I’ll explain how to set up auto bracketing functions on your camera and show you how, when and why to use it.

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