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Street photography tips

 21st Dec 2009

Christmas is a great time for photographing people ­- wonderful street scenes full of Yuletide joy.

Even if there’s no snow, the cold and frost can add a winter theme to your pictures as snugly wrapped people shelter from the cold winds.Street photography tips - Grace

Here are some street photography tips...

  • Camouflage -­ blend in, shoot unobtrusively. Try to avoid using flash or you will lose the spontaneity when shooting candidly.
  • If you want to get in close and personal, don’t be afraid to spend time with people so they get used to you and trust you. I bought these homeless people food in exchange for photos and got this shot of them saying Grace over it.
  • Long lenses can help you get close to subjects without making them feel uncomfortable but always respect people’s right to privacy.
  • If you’re uncomfortable about photographing strangers, shoot low and avoid their faces. An unusual point of view of an everyday scene can also have lots of impact.
  • Go lightweight ­- this is one of the few occasions when you won’t need a tripod and all the gear.
  • Street performers make great subjects but think also about daily life. There is often hidden beauty in overlooked everyday subjects.
  • Counterpoint ­- think about contrast, photographing subjects in unusual locations.
  • Street photography tips - people crossingFavourite haunts -­ as with all photography, it can sometimes take a lot of planning to be spontaneous! If you see a great location, keep going back to it in case interesting subjects wander through.
  • Freeze the action -­ 1/125th or more at ISO400 is good. Experiment with different aperture settings to get either sharp or blurred backgrounds.

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