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Scottish Nature Photography Awards

 12th Apr 2012

Results of the 2011 Scottish Nature Photography Awards Photographic Competition have been announced and the winner is Marcus Conway with his image of an otter. 

Marcus is a regular visitor to the Scottish Highlands as he runs a photography tour and workshop business based in the Highlands. Marcus said “Scotland is a wonderful place to watch and photograph nature and I am overjoyed to have won this prestigious award”.
Marcus had been tracking Otters on Mull for two weeks and had spotted a family of otters feeding on the shoreline. After setting up as close as he could to the family he was happily surprised by a very brave female otter that came to within a few feet of him, so close in fact that he had trouble focusing. As she was scenting the air he quickly took the winning shot. “It was a wonderful encounter with one of Scotland's finest mammals and to have been made Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year has made the moment even more special."
The competition had attracted over two thousand entries from photographers around the world. Organisers of the competition said they had had a hard job picking the winner as the quality of images had been so high and admited the winning image was going to have to be something very special to stand out. Nonetheless, the winning image did stand out and was a unanimous winner. Neil McKintyre a co-judge was quoted as saying “You just can't help but smile when you look at this picture and wish you had been there - a sure sign of a winning image."
Otter smaller
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