Samsung to launch interesting hybrid camera

 29th Dec 2009

samsung-nx-10Samsung is launching a new-style camera that is both compact and offers SLR-style attributes.

Although most people agree that pictures taken with a digital SLR camera are of grater quality than those taken with a standard point and shoot camera, they would also agree that DLSRs can be bulky.

In an attempt to solve this problem, Samsung has developed a new hybrid camera which offers the best of both worlds.

The Samsung NX10 is the soon to be released, offering a camera that is much smaller than a standard SLR, but that offers SLR-level quality.

The camera achieves this through the use of a SLR sensor, but does not include the single lens reflex (which is what SLR stands for).

As well as the sensor, the camera also offers 14.6 megapixels of high-resolution image quality and you could say that it is more similar to the Micro Four-Thirds format of camera.

However, the main difference between the NX10 and the Four-Thirds format is that the camera lenses you buy for this camera cannot be used in other cameras.

On the plus side it comes complete with an 18-55mm camera lens and is quick, taking as many as 7 frames per second.

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