Red Cross launches photography competition

 23rd Dec 2011


A Christmas-themed photography competition has been launched by the Red Cross, which aims to capture the work the charity does at this time of the year. For hints and tips on photography see our Photography Videos section on our website.
Photographs entered into the competition must feature the Red Cross in some way, be that the Christmas decorations in a local shop, a festive event held by the charity or a group of volunteers working in the chilly temperatures.
However, due to the fact that the Red Cross emblem is a protected symbol under international humanitarian law, no modified or homemade versions of the Red Cross emblem can be included in photography entries.
In order to take part, images can be sent to socialmedia@redcross.org.uk and entries should include the name of the photographer, their email address, a brief description of the photograph and why it should win. A Twitter or Facebook user name should also be included if possible.
The three winners of the event will be given a first aid kit, which includes some potentially lifesaving supplies, such as bandages, a first aid emergency guide, dressings and plasters. 
Entries are being accepted throughout the Christmas and New Year period and the winners will be announced on 6 January 2012.
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