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Polaroid cameras set for comeback

 20th Oct 2009

After what appeared to be the final collapse of Polaroid two years ago, Polaroid cameras and film are to be sold once more by mid-2010.

The cameras are to be manufactured in China by Summit Global. This firm bought the rights to the name Polaroid when the firm went bust.

The film, meanwhile, will be made by The Impossible Project, which was formed from the Polaroid manufacturing plant in the Netherlands.

Managers at this company have been working tirelessly over the past year to find ways of making the film on a tight budget.

Excitingly, Summit Global says it plans to release both analogue and digital versions of the instant camera.

The Polaroid camera was a huge success for a time, with 13 million cameras being sold by 2000. However, the introduction of digital photography, which allowed photographers to instantly view the photos they have taken, and for free, resulted in the market dropping off considerably.

Despite the rise in digital photography, many photographers miss the Polaroid photographic medium and a market is thought to remain for the iconic instant printed photographs, which offer an immediacy that even digital cameras cannot recreate.

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