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Artist's nude photography shoot attracts thousands in Sydney

 16th Mar 2010

Spencer Tunick, who specialises in taking group shots of nudes in public city settings, has managed to gather 5,200 people, wearing nothing but a smile, to pose for his latest project.

The American artist gathered the crowds at Sydney Opera House and instructed them to strike various poses.

The shoot was entitled Mardi Gras: The Base and was commissioned by the city’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival, to celebrate the diverse nature of the event.

All sizes, sexes and sexualities were encouraged to come along and bear all and even a heavily pregnant woman was among the crowd ­ due to give birth to twins the same day.


The nude participants stood in various poses for over an hour while Tunick shouted instructions to them as he snapped away from a vantage point with his digital camera.

Tunick says his work is about the vulnerability of life, set against harsh city landscapes.
However, in his quest to gather the naked crowds he has previously been arrested in the US a total of seven times.

Tunick said the Sydney shoot "went well."  If this is your thing (or not !!) have a look at our Ultimate Beginners Course for inspiration!